The Background

Sahulat Microfinance Society (SMS) was established as a society under the Societies Registration Act. It is a registered society which functions as a voluntary, non-political and non-profit social service organization. The main aim and purpose of Sahulat is to work as a facilitating and promoting agency for the launch of interest-free cooperative credit societies in India. The governing body of SMS has decided to launch a bi-annual journal mainly to promote research for conceptual refinement and to popularize the idea of interest-free micro financing,

Aims and Objectives

The aims and Objectives of the journal may be stated as follows:

  • To provide a forum for free and frank exchange of ideas to all those who are interested in the subject.
  • To publish articles and research studies, books, booklets, pamphlets and other materials pertaining to the subject.
  • To provide information on the experiments of interest free financing, cooperative banking and microfinance being conducted elsewhere in the country as well as abroad.
  • To record all the documentation required in the field.
  • To articulate, refine and present all such ideas that would lead to the development and application of appropriate financial instruments as well as to work for the evolution of a suitable and effective regulatory mechanism.
  • The Journal shall be devoted to a serious examination of relevant issues. It shall publish research based articles, survey articles, comments, Reports of organizations, field and empirical studies, Reports of field surveys, book reviews, text of documents and laws etc. mainly in the fields of micro financing, poverty eradication, development studies, interest free financing and other related fields.
  • Priority shall be given to the publication of empirical studies with heavy research inputs although Journal may also publish theoretical papers.
  • Development research, Poverty eradication programs, Interest free financing, Theory and practice of micro financing and Interest free micro financing shall constitute special focus areas of the Journal. Contributions dealing with the theory and practice in each of these fields shall be welcomed.

Call for Papers
Special Issue on financial inclusion of Minorities in India 

Scholars, Researchers are invited to send their contributions for June 2017 Sahulat Journal special issue on following areas and schedule.


Important Dates for submission for the June 2017 Issue

  • Status and Issues of Minorities in Indian finance
  • Case studies and researches on Interest Free Finance
  • Micro financing
  • Poverty
  • Cooperative movement
  • Development Economics
  • Any other related topic


Last date for submission of abstract:   February 28th 2017

Date for Notification of acceptance:     March 5th  2017

Date of Submission of full paper:        April 5th 2017

Sahulat: a journal of interest free micro finance
 is a biannual Journal to promote research on conceptual development and dissemination of the idea of interest-free micro financing. Sahulat journal is committed to articulate, refine and present ideas that would lead to the development and application of innovative financial instruments. Sahulat envisions working for the evolution of a suitable and conducive regulatory mechanism for interest free micro finance.

The Journal is devoted for an objective examination of pertinent socio-economic issues. It shall publish research based articles, survey articles, comments, reports of organizations, field and empirical studies, book reviews etc. Priority shall be given to the publication of empirical studies with significant research inputs.

Please send your contributions at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
For further details on submission guidelines, please visit

Rules for Submission:

The authors and contributors are requested to observe the following:

  • The papers should be typed on A 4 size, leaving appropriate margins on both sides.
  • The papers should be typed only on one side of the paper as far as possible.
  • The papers should be typed using New Roman Font with font size 12.
  • The text of the Paper should be separated by a cover page having title, position and affiliation of the author(s).
  • The authors/contributors are requested to provide their full and valid mailing address
  • The authors may like to mention their email address and phone numbers, if applicable.
  • The papers should not exceed 30 typed written pages or 30,000 words whichever is less.
  • The authors should supply tables, diagrams, formulae, and equations used in the paper on a separate sheet of paper. The text should clearly indicate their place of insertion.
  • The style followed in the paper should be uniform throughout. It is strongly suggested that authors use University of Chicago Style Manual. Though, it is not mandatory, strict uniformity must be observed throughout the text in all cases.
  • All submitted papers shall be subjected to review by a technical committee appointed by the Journal. Only the papers selected by the technical committee shall be accepted for Publication.
  • In order to allow maximum numbers of papers to be included in each issue of the journal, it shall be appreciated if the authors keep the length of the paper to minimum possible.
  • The Journal would pay a suitable but modest honorarium for all items published in the Journal.
  • The Journal may requisite research studies on selected themes from selected scholars. In such situations the journal may reimburse the authors/contributors any expenses incurred on carrying our research on actual basis. The rules and regulations in this regard, shall be worked out by the journal committee and brought to the attention of intended contributors.
  • A paper could be submitted by more than one scholar. If a joint paper, prepared by more than one scholar is selected by the technical committee for publication in the journal, only the senior author will be paid the honorarium, if any. In such a case, the privileges extended by the Journal hall also be confined to a single person only, mostly the first author. However, the journal, in exceptional circumstances, solely on its own discretion, may decide to extend these privileges to junior authors also, if requested.
  • A paper submitted to the Journal should not have been submitted elsewhere.
  • Only original and unpublished wittings shall be considered by the technical committee for presentation at the conference
  • The copy right of all papers submitted to the journal shall vest with Sahulat Microfinance Society, which reserves its right to publish /republish these papers either in the form of a book , collection of papers, booklet, promotional material or, in any other form as it may deem fit.
  • No royalty / honorarium shall be due to authors in case of republication. However, the Publisher, at its sole discretion, may like to present the author(s) / contributor (s) a few copies of the books. The number of copies shall be decided by the society.


  • The intended author may submit their contributions, either in hard or soft copies. The authors / contributors are requested to send two copies if they decide to submit their contribution(s) in hard copies.
  • The hard copies may be mailed to The Editor

Sahulat: A Journal of Interest Free Micro Finance
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The journal would also publish advertisements from interested advertisers at the following rates:

Full back page -         Rs, 100,000
Half back page -         Rs. 50,000
Full inside page -       Rs. 40,000
Half inside page -       Rs. 25.000
Quarter inside page - Rs. 15,000

Rules for the Advertisers:

  • All advertisements shall be accepted in good faith only. It shall not involve any responsibility either to the Journal or any of its functionaries.
  • The advertisers shall be fully responsible with respect to authenticity of their advertisements.
  • The advertisers will have to provide the full text of advertisement, any photographs, drawings, design etc. All advertisements shall be published as received from the advertisers.
  • Two copies of the issue of SJ, in which your advertisement appears, shall be presented to the advertisers free of charge. The advertisers may purchase additional copies of the relevant issue on market price from the office of SJ.
  • The advertisement rates quoted here are for one insertion only. The advertisers who would like to develop a more lasting relationship with SJ are advised to discuss the terms and conditions including the rates, with the manager.

Address for Correspondence:

All correspondence pertaining to Sahulat except the editorial matters may kindly be sent to

The Manager
Sahulat: A Journal of Interest Free Microfinance
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