SAHULAT performs its functions through four departments i.e. Operations Department; Research Department; Legal Department and Administration Department. Department of Operations deals with the operational aspects while the Department of research ventures into research on interest-free micro-finance, it has its own journal on microfinance being published bi-annually. Legal Department apart from day to day legal activities keeps a tab on latest legislations affecting our operations and formulates advocacy strategy for dealing with the same.

Overall lead by the Vice President (Strategic) and Chief Executive Officer (Admin& Operation) each department has a Deputy and Asst. Managers to take care of the activities of their concerned departments with Manager (Operations and Research) as their reporting head. Joint responsibility of operations and research are taken up by Deputy Manager (Operations and Research) which includes field activities with field executives and their training too. Deputy Manager (Operations and Research) reports to Manager (Operations and Research). Deputy Manager (Legal) jointly reports to both Manager (Operations and Research) and Vice- President regarding day to day legal compliance of Sahulat and its affiliates and legal research and advocacy as well. Departments of Accounts and Administration are headed by Assistant Managers respectively who take care of accounting and daily administrative and HR activities of Sahulat. Asst. Manger (Accounts) and Asst. Manager (Admin.) report directly to Manager (Operations and Research).

SAHULAT has its central regional office at Patna with SBCG project office in Patna City in its fold. SBCG project office activities in Malvani, Mumbai is being directly reported at HO.


Mr. K A Siddique Hassan - President

Mr. K. A. Siddique Hassan worked as a Professor in various colleges University college, Trivandrum & Maharajas College, Kochi. He was the entrepreneur of Madhyamam Daily (& Weekly), now one of the leading newspapers in the State of Kerala and the first Indian newspaper to publish from seven nations. He is the chief architect of Sahulat and currently he is the President of Sahulat.



 Mr. Arshad Jamal -Vice President (Hony)

Mr. Arshad Ajmal,BA (Hons) is a businessman by profession & social activist, credited with the development of a model of interest free finance through cooperatives and pioneered the establishment of interest free cooperative in Bihar, India. He was the founder chairman of the organization, Al-Khair Cooperative Credit Society Ltd., Patna, now an affiliate organization of Sahulat Microfinance Society, has been very active in advocating the cause of interest free microfinance across India.


 Mr. Rafeek Ahmed - CEO (Hony)

Mr Rafeek Ahmed, B.Sc., is a retired central government servant from Tax Dept. He has been working voluntarily in the field of civil rights, community development & social service, relief & rehabilitation of victims of natural & man made calamities, in co-operation with different NGOs & govt. agencies.